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The Sunday Telegraph

Reach an intelligent, upmarket audience

The Sunday Telegraph is editorially imaged to reflect the mood and pace of the day - relaxed, contemplative, more country than town and very much focused on self-improvement. The Sunday Telegraph champions family time, cooking, crafting, home improvement and gardening. The paper is home to a number of editorially led platforms from which advertisers can reach an affluent audience in a relaxed, leisure focused mindset. Cover Story - Trends, talking points and lots of 'how tos' e.g. How to get the perfect nights sleep, how to have a better relationship with your kids, what makes your perfect Sunday? Modern Manners - An observational, funny, personal lifestyle column. The Sunday Cook - A delicious home cooking column on food trends and food producers as well as a pick of the week's best drinks. Interiors - Inspirational 'How to ... ' advice cover topics such as: How to build the ultimate seaside bolthole - from flatpack and How to update your home room by room. Dressing for Britain -  Advice on how to look and feel good in the mud, at the school gate, at the parents' meeting, at the village cricket match, and best of all, on that rare night out. Relationships - First-person stories that provide comfort and inspire action.  Wellbeing - There is a new-found appreciation for our health. More people are now exercising, thinking about their wellbeing and immunity. These pages aim to help readers achieve a long-term grip on their health.  Modern Life - A look at the world of work and education. Gardening - Weekly tips, advice and help for readers on how to get the most out of their gardens. Games - Three pages of mind games to keep our readers entertained, providing incredible dwell time for advertisers.  The Family Quiz - Like a conversation around the table, the Family Quiz follows a thread and everyone can join in.  Download brand overview