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London is home to well over 40,000 shops employing hundreds of thousands of people. Oxford Street is Europe's busiest shopping street with 200 million visits a year,  an annual turnover of £7.6bn, it boasts 217 flagship stores, 120 international brands and has a retail property value of £3.5bn. Bond Street is famous for luxury brands such as Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Mulberry and the capital's other famous west end streets are home to more overseas retailers than any other city in Europe - over 2,000 in total, including major brands such as Sketchers (US), La Maison du Chocolat (France) and Uniqlo (Japan). London has the complete spectrum of retailers, from the booming street markets of Camden and Portabello Road to the lifestyle destinations of the Westfield sites, London provides the ultimate shopping experience. The continued success of London as a retail hub is dependent upon the people that work in the industry, from those on the shop floor all the way through to those in head office. These factors go some way to explaining why London is home to over 900,000 adults working in retail and related occupations - this is more than any other region in the UK. As well as the Evening Standard advertisements can also appear on the same day in Metro (London), providing recruiters with unrivalled coverage from which to recruit talented retail professionals.

Every day of the working week Metro (London) and the Evening Standard allow you to reach:

  • 2,075,000
    Adults - more than any other national newspaper
  • 526,000
    Adults 18-44 educated to degree level or higher
    - more than any other national newspaper
  • 358,000
    Adults educated to degree level or higher from an ethnic minority
    - more than any other national newspaper
  • 89,000
    Adults aged 18 - 44 educated to degree level or higher who intend to change jobs in the next 6 months - more than any other national newspaper
  • 122,000
    Adults who have responded to a Jobs & Educational/Vocational Courses advert in the last 12 months - more than any other national newspaper
  • 160,000
    Adults who work in retail occupations
    - more than any other national newspaper
Source: PAMCo April 19 - March 20. TGI Jan - Dec 19 London ITV. PAMCo weighted areas: Bournemouth/Southampton/Portsmouth/Brighton/Dover/Guildford/Chelmsford/London Centre/London Inner/London South/London North West/Colchester/Northampton/Reigate/Norwich & Great Yarmouth/Ipswich/Oxford/London North East | TGI Oct 18 - Sep 19  London ITV

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