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Finding somewhere to live in the UK’s busiest cities is not easy, but once you’re in, you want to make the most of it. Every Tuesday, Metro Home aims to engage and inspire 2.3 million readers with ideas on how to bring the rooms in their home to life with latest in interior design, furnishings and technology as well as ideas on making the best use of the space that they have at their disposable. As well as interiors Home also celebrates the world of food and drink with recipe ideas and cooking master classes from some of the best chefs in the country. Metro’s readers are 77% more likely to intend to move home in the next 6 months than the average Brit and 21% more likely to agree with the statement ‘I am always looking for new ideas to improve my home’. Metro Home provides advertisers with a platform to reach an engaged, responsive audience who have an interest in all things property. Within this section as well as display, there will also be opportunities for sponsorship, promotion and branded content partnerships.

Across the UK Metro allows you to reach:

  • 2,301,000
    Adults - more than any other national newspaper
  • 1,014,000
    Adults who own their own home
  • 1,323,000
    ABC1 Adults
  • 685,000
    ABC1 Adults who agree with the statement 'I'm Always Looking For New Ideas To Improve My Home' - more than any other national newspaper
  • 685,000
    ABC1 Adults who agree with the statement 'I Change The Decorations At Home As Often As I Can' - more than any other national newspaper
Source: PAMCo April 19 - March 20. TGI Jan - Dec 19.

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