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Our Urbanite Audience

A unique audience

Metro is the UK’s only urban national newspaper and as such allows advertisers to reach a unique and lucrative audience in the form of urbanites. Metro's urbanite audience is defined as ABC1 adults aged 18 - 44 year old, who live in metropolitan areas. They're tech-savvy early adopters who use the world of online to fuel their busy offline lives. They like to be constantly connected to their large friendship network talking about life, love, work, weekends, brands, gossip, politics, sport, fashion and more. They consume vast amounts of media and use it to fuel discussions - so it's not surprising a large amount of Urbanites regularly have conversations about articles they read in Metro! When it comes to understanding more about who Urbanites are and how they consume Metro, research has revealed the following habits:
  • 22 minutes - the average length of time an urbanite spends with Metro each day
  • 3/4 of urbanites start reading Metro before 9am each day, with most readership commencing on a train, tube or bus journey
Typical characteristics of Metro urbanites
  • Image conscious - 'A designer label improves a person's image' - index 492
  • Highly social - 'I like to go to trendy places to eat and drink' - index 380
  • Influenced by advertising - 'Advertising helps me choose what I buy' - index 456
  • Ambitious - 'I want to get to the very top of my career' - index 261
  • Technology savvy - 'It's important that my household is equipped with the latest technology'
    - index 341
Source: PAMCo Apr 19 - Mar 20 | TGI Jan 19 - Dec 19 - index v national population definitely agree | City Story | *Pre Covid19