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Every day of the working week Metro publishes a morning and evening digital edition that has been responsively designed ensuring that it is available across all phone and tablet devices. The morning edition's content is taken from the newspaper and includes the latest news stories, Guilty Pleasues, lifestyle featues and sport ensuring that our urbanite audience are fully briefed on the events that will unfold throughout the day. The evening edition is curated from the latest and trending stories across news, entertainment and showbiz specifically targeting commuting readers who are in a more relaxed mindset. Download brand overview    
Daily active users 39 000
Weekly active users 70 000
Monthly active users 105 000
Av time per visitor per day 38 mins
Male 58%
Femail 42%
ABC1 81%
Av page views per visitor per day 67
Average ad dwell time 8 secs
CTR on digital edition ads 1.5%
PAMCo Jan - Dec 19. Adobe Analytics