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The UK's biggest newspaper website

MailOnline is a global phenomenon and has become the go to destination for tens of millions of people looking for the latest breaking UK and world news. Edited by Martin Clarke, it carries hundreds of articles a day across its many channels that include News, Showbiz, Sport and Femail. MailOnline’s success is based upon editorial excellence in the form of dynamic, addictive content that is presented in a highly pictorial and easy to navigate format. MailOnline’s extensive reach and breadth of content places it in a different league to other newspaper sites allowing it to compete with portals in terms of audience size. From football to fashion, politics to perfume, MailOnline is packed full of must-read content on every topic. Users can leave comments on articles, and vote in polls or take part in some of the lively debates sparked off by specific stories or writers. MailOnline’s unique tone and content mean that the site has a loyal and engaged audience, which goes someway to explaining why over 50% of traffic comes direct to the site – more than any other newspaper website. Mailonline provides advertisers with the opportunity to be seen by over 22 million adults in the UK, while a whole host of creative formats ensure that campaigns both engage and drive response from a truly valuable audience. Source: PAMCo Jul 19 - Jun 21.