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This website has been designed to help advertisers place their advertisement in Metro, i, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday newspapers as well as their affiliated magazines, YOU, Event and Weekend. Along with Print media, we offer diverse websites and Digital platforms, namely: mailonline,,, thisismoney, and both tablet & smartphone Digital Editions. Between them our print and online brands have a daily reach of over 12.2 million people across the UK. If you have a question about who our print and online platforms can help you to reach, how to go about placing an advertisement and the costs involved then just fill out the 'Ask us a question about advertising' form on this page or call 020 3615 1501 and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can book an online advertising campaign using our self-serve platform below.
Types of Newspaper Advertising There are two main types of newspaper advertising, namely category (or by classification) and display. Category Advertising may start around the centre of the newspaper, you can search this type of advertising easily as it will have a heading above it identifying what is being advertised, such as Property, Recruitment, Motors or Entertainments. Category advertisements encourage readers to respond directly to the advertiser, usually by phone, e-mail or by visiting a website, it’s a specific call to action to generate an immediate response. This ensures readers seek out these advertisements in the newspaper as they are actively looking for something in particular (such as a new home, restaurant to visit, a theatre show, a new job, a car, a holiday or a loan etc...). Category led advertisements are very versatile in terms of size and style. They can range from three lines (lineage) through to a double page spread (DPS) or even a cover wrap of the newspaper. There are examples of category and display print advertisements at the bottom of this page. Category advertising is a cost effective way to get your advertisement seen by your target audience in a relevant and engaging environment, often with specific editorial written to accompany the advertising and provide a consolidated marketplace . If you would like more information on how our market leading platforms can work for you just fill out the form on this page or call 020 3615 0433. Display advertising can appear throughout the paper and is usually situated on Editorial sites, such as News, Sport and Lifestyle. Display advertising drives Brand awareness and appears without a specific category heading. We have a whole host of display sites across our print titles that can accommodate your brand, for more information just fill out the form on this page or call 020 3615 0433.

Advertising Formats

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Ad Space


    • Display front page strip
    • Display 25x4
    • Display 10x7
    • Display half page
    • Classified lineage
    • Classified 3x1
    • Classified 3x2
    • Classified 4x2
    • Classified 7x1
    • Classified 10x2
    • CLassified 10x3
    • Classified 36x4
    • Classified quarter page
    • Classified half page
    • Banner
    • Leaderboard
    • Homepage Takeover
    • Channel Takeover
    • MPU
    • Double MPU
    • Advertorial Puff
    • Advertorial Promo