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The Scottish Daily Mail reflects the concerns, hopes and aspirations of the nation. The paper has a proud track record of standing up for its readers with hard-hitting campaigns, robust reporting and brilliant analysis. The Scottish Daily Mail is the home of the best writing in Scotland, with a stellar cast of award-winning columnists, commentators and feature writers. The Scottish Daily Mail's must-read sections on health, personal finance, lifestyle and travel combined with its mix of Scottish and UK content as well as outstanding sports coverage, make the newspaper an unbeatable daily package.    
Circulation 69 835
Circulation - Saturday 102 514
Readership 112 000
Readership - Saturday 138 000
Men 45 000 (40%)
Women 67 000 (60%)
AB Adults 35 000 (31%)
ABC1 Adults 72 000 (64%)
Homeowners 88 000 (79%)

Source: PAMCo Jan - Dec 19, Government Office Region - Scotland | ABC Jan - Dec 19.