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Education 2020 - Evening Standard

This summer, the Evening Standard and Metro (London) will be publishing three editorially supported education guides to coincide with the clearing period. This year's features will appear on:
  • Wednesday 12th August
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 20th August
Each guide will aim to help students at this crucial time of year by covering a range of topics including how to find the course that is right for you, the admissions process, managing finances, coping with the workload and living away from home for the first time. View last year's Evening Standard Clearing feature here.

Every day of the working week Metro (London) and the Evening Standard allow you to reach:

  • 2,075,000
    Adults - more than any other national newspaper
  • 679,000
    Adults interested in the education pages of newspapers
    - more than any other national newspaper
  • 870,000
    Adults who strongly agree with the statement "It's important to continue learning new things throughout your life" - more than any national newspaper
  • 142,000
    Students - more than any other national newspaper
  • 95,000
    Students from an ethnic minority - more than any other national newspaper
  • 127,000
    Adults who intend to start university in the next 12 months or who have started university in the last 12 months - more than any national newspaper
  • 74,000
    Adults aged 16-21 - more than any other national daily newspaper
Source: PAMCo April 19 - March 20. TGI Jan - Dec 19 London ITV. PAMCo weighting areas Bournemouth - Southampton - Portsmouth - Brighton - Dover - Guildford - Chelmsford - London Centre - London Inner - London South - London North West - Colchester - Northampton - Reigate - Norwich & Great Yarmouth - Ipswich - Oxford - London North East.  TGI Oct 18 - Sep 19 London ITV.

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