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ES Magazine is the London Evening Standard's weekly magazine. Published every Friday, it covers the capital's rich mix of arts, fashion, business and political life, as well as all the parties, the people and the glamour. It has the cover stars that everyone likes to read about, influential guest editors, popular themed issues, high end fashion spreads, and informed beauty copy. It is the first place to read about the best restaurants, bars and high street fashion - the bible for all things fabulous in the capital.

For advertisers, ES Magazine presents a unique opportunity to reach an elusive audience of young, cutting-edge consumers with the money to back up their shopping habits, just when they're in a receptive mood. For smart Londoners, the weekend hasn't started until they've got their copy of ES Magazine on a Friday. Every week we check out: High fashion - cutting edge shoots using top photographers and models
Hot parties - tales and pictures from the frontline of London's nightlife
Tall tales - investigations that reveal the truth behind the capital's scandals
Must haves - new shopping pages for women and a new weekly shopping page for men
Top people - conversations with tastemakers, power players and tomorrow's talents

ES Magazine Readership Profile

Readership563 000
18 - 4458%
Work full time 69%
Average age 43
 Source: NRS Apr 15 - Mar 16 London ITV