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This website has been designed to help advertisers place their advertisement in Metro (London) and the London Evening Standard newspapers and on their multiple digital platforms (website, tablet and smart phone applications).
Types of Newspaper Advertising There are two main types of newspaper advertising, namely classified (which this site is about) and display. Classified advertising starts a few pages on from the middle of the newspaper and advertisements appear under a heading (or classification). Classified advertisements encourage readers to respond to an advertisement directly, usually by phone, e-mail or by visiting a website. If you would like to advertise in one of the regional editions of Metro - South West, East Midlands, South Wales, Merseyside, North East or Scotland - then please click here Readers seek out classified advertisements in the newspaper as they are actively looking for something in particular (such as a job, a home, a car, a holiday or a loan etc...). Classified advertisements are very versatile in terms of size and can range from anything from three lines (lineage) through to a full page, there are examples of classified and display print advertisements at the bottom of this page. Classified advertising is a cost effective way to get your advertisement seen by the 2.4 million Londoners who read either Metro (London) or the London Evening Standard. Display advertising appears at the front and very back of the newspaper. In the front half advertisements will appear within the news, business and features sections and in the back half advertisements will appear within the sports pages. Display adverts tend to me more expensive than those that appear in the classified pages, this is because they are bought on position with advertisers paying a premium to appear on certain pages (e.g page 3, 5 etc...) or within certain sections (news, sports, business etc...). Display advertisement campaigns are usually part of an on-going brand campaign that may also be running across TV, outdoor and radio and seek to inform readers about their products or service.