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London has been called a 'world city', it is enthralling, cosmopolitan and home to the highest concentration of major attractions in Britain. From the culture and sophistication of the theatre, to the escapism of the 'silver screen', the capital offers a multitude of entertainment venues. London is Europe’s biggest market for leisure and entertainment, at the heart of the capital is Theatreland, the largest theatre district in the world. This corner of London’s West End is home to over 40 of London’s 150 theatres as well as some of the most famous cinemas in the world. Appearing Monday to Thursday Metro's 'Going Out' pages provide Londoners with ideas and recommendations on how to spend their leisure time as well as showcasing upcoming events across the capital. Every Friday Metro publishes 'Weekend' a comprehensive guide on everything that is going on in the world of events across the UK, from music festivals through to intimate gigs and family days out this section has become a must read for for a young, cash rich urbanite audience who love to get out and about.

In London, Metro allows you to reach:

  • 1,930,000Adults - more than any other national newspaper
  • 1,178,000ABC1 Adults - more than any other national newspaper
  • 738,000Urbanites (Adults aged 18-44 ABC1)
    - more than any other national newspaper
  • 101,000Urbanites who have been to a West End theatre/other theatre in the last 12 months
    - more than any other national newspaper
  • 280,000Urbanites who have visited an art gallery or exhibition in the last 12 months
    - more than any other national newspaper.
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Source: NRS Jan - June 2017 London ITV. TGI April 2016 - March 2017 London ITV.